Mouth Defects Durham NC

Congenital & Developmental Mouth Defects

Missing and misshapen teeth can make it difficult to speak, chew, and eat properly, and you may feel embarrassed when your teeth show when you talk, smile, or laugh. Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Gazdeck can determine the best way to replace and/or restore these teeth to proper form and function. Your treatment for congenital and developmental mouth defects may include:

  • Bridges – to replace a single missing tooth or a couple of missing teeth in a row

  • Crowns – to improve both the appearance and functionality of an irregularly shaped tooth

  • Dental implants – to provide a lifelike, permanent replacement for missing teeth (single or multiple)

  • Dentures – to replace multiple missing teeth

  • Occlusal adjustments – to improve your bite, which can enhance the health, function, appearance, and comfort of your smile

To learn more about these and other ways we treat congenital and developmental mouth defects , we welcome you to contact us today!

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